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This diary follows the life of a Ph.D. student who leads a somewhat solitary life during the day, spending most of her time reading, writing, and researching in her Keble Rd rooms. However, her evenings and lunchtimes are different, as she indulges in her 'secret hobby': exhibitionism.This particular diary revolves around her lunchtime excursions, during which she ventures out in short skirts or dresses and no knickers. She thrives on the thrill of being discovered by someone, and her diary consists mainly of these encounters. Surprisingly, she finds she's not alone in her 'no pants' craze, as it has become a popular trend among women.As an exhibitionist in the UK, she finds herself right at home in this trend, though her skirts may be a bit shorter than most. If you're intrigued by exhibitionism and the current UK exhibitionist craze, this diary will captivate and arouse you.


Daring Violet - Diary of an Exhibitionist - Volume I

SKU: DV001
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