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About the Authors

Chris Burnell

The proprietor of Amory Publishing is G C Burnell. Most of his writing was done between 1997 and the present time*. Over the 25 years he has been writing he has published well over 100 books and booklets, but it is
only in the last 5 years that he has employed a designer to produce professional covers and typeset the books to a high standard.’

In the 2000s he used print shops to print and bind small quantities of his material,which were often just booklets of 20-30 pages, and these were distributed to friends and acquaintances in pubs etc. These were largely opinion pieces on business and social topics.

Around 2010 he started to use professional printers, who produced ‘perfect bound’ books (looking like those you get in a bookshop), though the covers were still very amateurish. It was also around this time that G C Burnell started writing erotica. He was still going to nightclubs at weekends (considerably past the age when this is common), and he noticed that a lot of young women were going ‘pantieless’. This was the ‘no-pants’ craze of the 2010s. This was when he started to write his ‘knickerless stories’ (actually starting in 2013).

G C Burnell started writing soon after giving up being ‘quite religious’, and becoming irreligious (in 1997). In fact one of his books is the irreligious book ‘The Antidote To Alpha Groups’, which is a criticism of Alpha Groups and other forms of evangelism. [Alpha Groups are the main way the churches evangelise (spread their message) these days.]


Danielle Fernando

I have been fortunate to travel some of the world, including my heritage in Holland. And also to visit my late friend in America. I’ve also lived in Turkey for the best part of 3 years (on and off due to visa commitments), for a love that will always stay in my heart.


I met Chris a few years ago at a writing club. He already ran his Publishing firm. We quickly became collaborators in our writing, and wrote a book together (‘Country Park Adventures’) about 3 years ago. Then this last year (2023) we have been collaborating on our new series ‘Daring Violet: Diary of an exhibitionist’. The writing is going very well. Volume 1 is already out.


Here is my ‘bio’ that appears in my books:

Going back a few years: – Apart from Danielle’s habit of changing the colour of her hair quite frequently, there was another characteristic about her that got the men talking, in the 2010s – she went clubbing a lot, and was rather – well, outrageous. Now in her 30s, she is quite happy to write about her ‘outrageous experiences’ of a decade ago. By the way, Danielle is also a barista.


It’s an insight of not being the stereotypical barista: I have brains – an A star in music, I passed my English Literature and Language GCSEs a year early, and I’m very good at being a people person. The books in which I collaborated are based on real life. I’ve worked in retail, hospitality, and even taking care of my loved ones. Including my friends. My series ‘Daring Violet: Diary of an exhibitionist’ is a must read.


If you want to order ‘my’ books – the ones done since I started my collaboration with Chris – please go for Compendium 2 or the Daring Violet series (Volume 1 is already out), or Country Park Adventures (coming soon) – though this is actually in Compendium 2, so don’t get both. 

I’ve also done some modelling. One of my pictures is shown to the right*. It was taken at a modelling shoot when I was in my 20s – I’m in my 30s now.


* (or ‘below’)

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