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"The World Belongs
to Those Who Read"

- Rick Holland

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The misfortune of a J K Rowling/ Harry Potter effect …… and other articles about Western society

Articles on Psychology, Philosophy and Business

‘Our jewel in the crown’ – which is our latest addition – 3 books in 1:

The thrust of the title article is that an unfortunate effect of the extreme popularity of the Harry Potter books and films was that quite a lot of young women (and some men) became involved in (real) witchcraft, to a greater or lesser extent.

A brief description of the book

There are articles on psychology, philosophy and business. It is a look at emotions, especially repressed or unconscious anger. (As regards business, it looks particularly at the ways many large corporations make all of us angry.)

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Why I
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The book is in three sections. These three sections (or reasons) are:

1)  I’m against the Me-Too Movement   (this is ‘Men Fighting Back’)

2)  I don’t like religion

3)  My Entertainment is ‘Controversial’

The first section is an attack on the Me-Too movement in particular – and also some aspects of ‘Woke culture’.

For 7 or 8 years immediately before the Me-Too Movement started, we had the no-pants craze - and that’s what a considerable part of this section is about.  This was much reduced by the Me-Too movement, and only now (in 2023) does it seem to be coming back. Not only that, but I believe our current ‘Cancel culture’ (which the author despises) got much worse.  [The fashion connected with the Me-Too Movement appears to be women wearing Long-Johns under their skirts or dresses!]

The second section is a re-print of the author’s irreligious book ‘The Antidote to Alpha Groups’.  [Alpha Groups are the main way most of the churches ‘evangelise’ (spread their message) these days.]


The third section consists of the first three articles of the author’s book ‘Mainly about conquering sexual repression’.

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