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Many suggestions and recommendations in this line to kick start your new life. Comments on education generally also included.


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Breaking the Ice

  • I first of all point out that when you think of people who clearly give performances as their job (e.g. actors, singers, comedians) they obviously have to do a lot of preparation for their performances.


    I then ‘hit’ you with the realisation that when we are socialising, we are in fact giving a performance!


    The logical conclusion is that we should really be doing quite a bit of preparation for our socialising – to improve our conversation skills primarily.  And that’s what the course is mainly about – showing you how to use ‘a certain amount of time’ (each day) preparing yourself for your socialising experiences (e.g. advice on what type of reading is best for improving conversation skills).


    And, for instance, giving ourselves ‘ammunition’ for that first meeting.

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