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* A criticism of those tests for Alzheimer’s – the only winners are the insurance companies.
* Why sharing a joke as a text message on one’s phone is just a caricature – the person might just as well take a joke book to the pub and say “Turn to page 111, there’s a good joke there.”
* How the NHS hides the fact that a high percentage of men with a mental illness are made impotent by their medication.
(Moral: Don’t be too quick to say you are suffering ‘mentally’ – which seems to be a current fad.)

Hampshire Journalism at the Cutting Edge

  • Hampshire Journalism at the Cutting Edge" is a 100-page book that offers a critical perspective on various topics in journalism. The book challenges the effectiveness of Alzheimer's tests, arguing that insurance companies are the only beneficiaries. It also questions the value of sharing jokes via text message, suggesting that it is no different from reading a joke book out loud. Additionally, the book sheds light on how the NHS hides the fact that medication for mental illness can cause impotence in men. The author's moral is to be cautious about claiming to suffer from mental illness, as it may be a current fad. The book provides a thought-provoking and insightful analysis of these issues in journalism.


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