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The author, an ex-manager, believes "being reasonable" is a virtue sorely lacking in much of modern business. And also that these days even those with competences are often downtrodden in "Corporate Britain"

Being more Reasonable in Business

  • The book is 98 pages.


    The book comments on how large corporations often show individuals very little respect, and that in many ways our nation is being gripped by ‘creeping authoritarianism’.  And perhaps the other side of the coin is that corporations are often being very patronising towards individuals (both their employees and their customers).  Of course, all this causes a lot of stress to us all.


    Another thing that causes stress, in my opinion, is the fact that so many of us work far harder than is truly necessary.  This argument is put forward in Article 12 – ‘Slaves to the Methodist work ethic – why many people work too hard’.

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