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This is an irreligious book. The first half of it consists of the author’s memoirs of being at Oxford University – [when he was religious – the memoirs were written much later, with hindsight, after he had rejected Christianity]. Then there are some irreligious articles, including ‘A lesson in Christian doctrine – from an ex-‘insider’.

Antidote to Alpha Groups

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  • "How the Mind Charity is Putting 'Mental Health Professionalism' back 70 Years" is a unique book that combines memoir and critical analysis to offer a thought-provoking perspective on mental health advocacy and professionalism. The first half of the book consists of the author's memoirs of being at Oxford University, including his experiences with religion and his eventual rejection of Christianity.

    Through a combination of memoir and critical analysis, this book offers a unique perspective on mental health advocacy and professionalism. It challenges traditional beliefs and practices and prompts readers to consider the implications of the Mind charity's practices for mental health services. Readers interested in mental health advocacy, religion, and critical analysis will find this book insightful and engaging.

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