Kirsten lets on at the beginning of the story that she is ‘a bit of an exhibitionist’.  She has arguments with her mother (with whom she lives) and her boss on the same day, which results in her walking out on her job and seeking a new life in another town.  Coincidentally her mother was doing some washing for her and when she goes to pick it up (before catching the train) she discovers that most of it has been ruined, including most of her underwear.  She takes that as a ‘sign’ to ‘be herself’ and go ‘sans culottes’ from then on.


There are stories about how this affects her life as she finds a job, finds a permanent place to live (after staying in B&B a little while), makes a close friend at her new job, meets a group of religious people (who are not impressed), goes to coffee shops and restaurants and pubs with her friend, as well as embarrassing experiences when on her own.  Altogether about 20 (unrelated) scenarios.


Daring Kirsten

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  • The book is 96 pages.