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Kirsten, an unapologetic exhibitionist based in the UK, is the protagonist of this erotic book. She leaves her job and her mother's house after a series of arguments and, as fate would have it, discovers that most of her underwear has been ruined. Taking this as a sign, she embraces her exhibitionist tendencies and decides to go 'sans culottes' from that day forward.

The book follows Kirsten's journey as she navigates her new life in a different town, finding a job, a permanent place to live, and making new friends, including one at her workplace. However, not everyone approves of her exhibitionist lifestyle, as she encounters disapproving religious groups and faces some embarrassing situations while out and about.

This book features around 20 distinct scenarios, each unrelated but showcasing Kirsten's exhibitionism and its impact on her life. If you're a fan of UK exhibitionism and erotic stories that push the boundaries, then this book is for you.


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Daring Kirsten

SKU: 000DK
  • The book is 96 pages.

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