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In this book, Violet is a Ph.D. student with a secret. Despite keeping up appearances for her supervising Professor and fellow students, Violet is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who loves to go out 'dressed to kill' nearly every lunchtime, wearing a short skirt or dress and no knickers. She's in thrall to the 'no pants' craze that's taken over the UK, and her diary entries detail her exhibitionist encounters from 2011 to 2017.As a UK exhibitionist, Violet revels in the thrill of being discovered and the taboo nature of her secret hobby. Her diary entries capture the excitement and arousal she experiences with each encounter. If you're a fan of exhibitionism and the UK exhibitionist scene, this book will surely arouse and captivate you.


Daring Violet - Diary of an Exhibitionist - Volume II

SKU: DV002
Expected to ship by the end of June
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