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Heidi is a happily married young woman, except that her exhibitionist tendencies aren’t being satisfied. So she takes work in a second hand shop (more or less a ju nk shop really), and goes there – pantie-less.


She has a few little ‘exposures’ in the first couple of weeks, including the window cleaner. Then a middle-aged man (Don) comes in and plonks down a bag of odds and ends, tied up with string. Heidi sits down on the floor to untie the knot, which proves very difficult. And she finds a way to get Don in ‘the right part of the shop’. Suffice to say that he becomes a regular visitor, and always finds his way to ‘ the right part of the shop’ (by putting the kettle on, actually) - with the knots becoming more and more difficult! 


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Difficult Knots

  • The Book is 24 Pages

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