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‘Surely, to be heterosexual, partly means that we find a good looking woman who is naked very attractive in some way.’

We define ‘sex-phobic’ as when there is a denial of that.  And I argue that these days we have a very ‘sex-phobic’ society.  But – this causes sexual repression.


The book aims to encourage our young men (and not-so-young men – why not?) to go back to admiring ‘a bit of ass’, and maybe start doing things again to show that they do, like frequenting strip clubs, reading erotic fiction (not just to increase the sales of my books!) etc.  Strip clubs have been suffering recently from a (relative) unpopularity.  And I notice that my local (quite big) bookshop stocks only about 6 books of erotic fiction.


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Naughty and Nice

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  • The book is 78 pages.

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